Malamente English Translation Lyrics – Tedua

Malamente (English Translation) song by Tedua: “Malamente (English Translation)” is a Brand New Italian Song from the album “La Divina Commedia”, sung by Tedua. Malamente Song penned by Tedua, Shune, Chris Nolan, and Dibla, and the Music was produced by Chris Nolan and Dibla.

Malamente English Translation Lyrics

What Time Is It Chris?
It’s Time To Make Cash

Blood On Me, Wounds On My Body
But No More Tears, No Rain On My Face
The Bombs On Earth, Maybe Next Will Come The War
And I’ll Be With You, I’ll Be With You
To Rescue You, To Ask If It’s True
That God Is Blind And Also Deaf
While Every Hope Of The Future Rains From The Sky
For I Believe That Tomorrow Certainties Will Go Up In Smoke
Like What You Were Peddling
I Know That I Gave No Roses, Only Trouble
You, However, Make Me Twice The Dose You Give Me
Look at me, windless and treeless
Send Me Light Down Into The Underworld

You’ll Mingle Me Among the People
And find me (How?) badly
With Cuts In My Back
Red Smokey Eyes
In the Blizzard
You’ll Find Me, Truly

I Hate Being Mediocre And I Was Too Many Times
I Was Lost In The Night With Notepad Notes
I See Upset Faces In Tele Revolts
At the Bottom of a Crater The World Falling Down
Angels On Chains
Baby, Take a Good Look at Me
Without Music I Couldn’t Make End Of The Month
I Couldn’t Stand the Expense
It Doesn’t Pay To Have Too Many Demands All The Time
But These Kids Are Crazy
With Family Problems And Cultural Gaps
I was so scared when I didn’t know what to do when I grew up
Brother, Study And Learn
That The Road Goes To School, But She’s Not A Good Mother
It’s Just Intimate Advice
And If You Look For Me In The Underworld

You’ll Confuse Me Among People
And You’ll Find Me (How?) Badly
With Cuts In My Back
Red Smokey Eyes
In the Blizzard
You’ll Find Me, Truly

The Future Is In The Hands Of The Weak Who Have Taken Courage
And I Have Taken Courage
But To Take Courage You Have To Look Within
Self-Criticism Demands Awareness
I Wish You All That Your Humility Doesn’t Turn Into Insecurity
And That Your Confidence Does Not Turn Into Arrogance

You Will Confuse Me Among People
And You’ll Find Me (How?) Badly
With Cuts On My Back
Red Smokey Eyes
In the Storm
You’ll Find Me, Truly


Song: Malamente English Translation
Album: La Divina Commedia
Band/Singer: Tedua
Lead Vocals: Tedua
Lyrics: Tedua, Shune, Chris Nolan & Dibla
Music: Chris Nolan & Dibla
Music Label: Tedua
Featuring: Tedua
Release Date: June 2, 2023

LyricsWorldYou FAQs & Trivia

Who wrote the lyrics to the “Malamente” song?

Malamente song lyrics written by Tedua, Shune, Chris Nolan, and Dibla.

Who is the singer of the “Malamente” song?

Malamente song is sung by Tedua.

Who is the music producer of the Malamente song?

Chris Nolan and Dibla produced Malamente song music.

When was the Malamente song released?

Malamente the song was released on June 2, 2023.