Whine & Jumping Lyrics – Shaggy ft. Patrice Roberts

Whine & Jumping Lyrics by Shaggy: Two-time GRAMMY-Award-winning artist, songwriter, and producer Shaggy and female Soca star Patrice Roberts capture the feeling of revelers as they ‘whine and jump’ in their carnival costumes behind the big truck on the parade route. Whine & Jumping Song lyrics are written by ​Shaggy and Patrice Roberts, with music produced by ​Shane Hoosong and Shaggy, and this brand-new music video was released on May 12, 2023.

Shaggy – Whine & Jumping Lyrics

We Pon Dis Streets
We Whine And Jumping
The Girl Dem Whining Some Of Them Jumping
Partice We Whine And Jumping

And When We Say Shake It
Shake It Up, Wave The Flat
Bumper Roll Gal Dem Hot
Walking Up Round A Back
You Water Wine Trying To Flop

Yeah, We Outside And Wee Stunting
Bussing Up Whine And We Jumping
Yeah, We Look Good Man Dem Hunting
Turn The Top Up And Repeat Punish Me

We Whine And Jumping, Jumping
Whine And Jumping
So We Play, Are We Are Fronting
We Are Fronting, So What


Roll It Up Light It Up, Take A Puff, And Pass It Up
Juice Around Pour The Rum Put Some Ice In A Me Cup
African Clean When The Bump And Roll
Me Know The Man Dem Want It
Bumper Start Throw We Out Of Control We Tripping
My Girls Planted

All When The Rain Start Falling
Girls Are Jumping Till The Morning
When Them Roll Up On The Truck
Strictly Whining Non-Stop On It

Hey… We Whine And Jumping, Jumping
Jumping So We Dread And We Are Hunting We Are Hunting

Hey, Girl Me Love The Line Me Car Way
See The Woman Them A Them A Wine Till Morning
Drop Up Drop Up Face Line Performing, Pull Up
Pick It Up Girl And Back Up You Taling


Hey, You Like When You Dip And Whine It
Down Low Far
What A Bus Me Love You Say Show Costume Hot
With Glitter And Glow

Girl Wine Up On Our Toe On The Street
We Wine And Jumping Jumping And Jumping Jumping
We Swing We Whine And Jumping, Jumping
And So We Drink We Are Wrong Thing Wrong Thing
Wrong Thing

Hey, Lama The Trees Again You Know It Though

Written by: ​Shaggy & Patrice Roberts

Whine & Jumping Song Info

Song: Whine & Jumping
Band/Singer: Shaggy & Patrice Roberts
Lead Vocals: Shaggy & Patrice Roberts
Lyrics: Shaggy & Patrice Roberts
Music: Shane Hoosong & Shaggy
Video Director: Jay Will
Music Label: Shaggy
Featuring: Shaggy & Patrice Roberts
Release Date: May 12, 2023

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Whine & Jumping Music Video