Spring Season Intro Lyrics – $UICIDEBOY$

Spring Season Intro Lyrics by $UICIDEBOY$: Spring Season Intro is a Brand New English Song, from the album “YIN YANG TAPES: Spring Season (1989-1990)”, sung by $UICIDEBOY$. Spring Season Intro Song lyrics are written by ​Wetto and Blanco Leopardo with music produced by ​Budd Dwyer, and this brand-new music video was released on May 5, 2023.

$UICIDEBOY$ – Spring Season Intro Lyrics

Grey*59 Records Presents (Grey, Grey)
Yin Yang Tapes Motherfu*ker (G*59)
From The Year 1989 To The Year 1990
Yeah, Yeah, Spring Season

Better Get An Umbrella, Motherfu*ker (Oh Shit I Think A Storm’s Comin’)
From The Northside To The Southside (North-northside)
From The Mothafu*kin’ East Bank To The West Bank,
Bitch (7Th Ward, Eastern Block Second World Shit)


Introducin’ Wetto And Blanco Leopardo
$Uicideboy$ Are Back In The Cut, Bitch’
Find Your Halos And Sharpen Your Pitchforks ($Ui-$Ui-$Ui-$Uicide)
The Year Of $Uicide Is Upon Us (Ooh-ooh’)
Let The Slaughter Begin

Written by: Wetto & Blanco Leopardo


Spring Season Intro Song Info

Song: Spring Season Intro
Album: YIN YANG TAPES: Spring Season (1989-1990)
Band/Singer: $UICIDEBOY$
Lead Vocals: $UICIDEBOY$
Lyrics: Wetto & Blanco Leopardo
Music: Budd Dwyer
Music Label: G*59 Records
Featuring: $UICIDEBOY$
Release Date: May 5, 2023

YIN YANG TAPES: Spring Season (1989-1990) Album Tracklist

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Spring Season Intro Music Video