Sad Songs Lyrics – Lil Durk

Sad Songs Lyrics by Lil Durk: Sad Songs is a Brand New English Song, from the album “Almost Healed”, sung by Lil Durk and Future. Sad Songs Song lyrics are written by ​Lil Durk, TouchofTrent, and Haze, with music produced by ​Haze and TouchofTrent, and this brand-new music video was released on May 26, 2023.

Lil Durk – Sad Songs Lyrics

Go Crazy, I’m Textin’ Her Right Now
Nah, For Real, I’m Textin’ Her Right Right Now
This Song Ain’t Even Supposed To Be Like This

Pretty Little Thing, You Just A Pretty Little Liar
Got On Pretty Little Thing [?], Bracelet Cost Four-thousand Dollars
Appreciate The Lil’ Thing If It Came From Public Housin’
Eighteen-million From One Tour, I’m So Humble, Ain’t Even Announce It


I Like High-end Restaurants,
When I Read The Menu, I Can’t Pronounce It
I Went Toxic For Two Months,
I Showed The Streets I Don’t Need Cancer
Ever Since We Had Car S*x,
She Don’t Ever Wanna Wear Panties
She Like Shoppin’ On Farfex,
Got Me Watchin’ Out For Her Package

I Was Hard For So Long, Asked Did I Pop Viagra
I Ain’t Send You Home In An Uber,
Baby, I Actually Gave You My Driver
Had A Model Kissin’ On The Street,
B!tch, But I’ma Keep It Between My Family
I’m Cummin’, She Keep On Suckin’,
I Tell Her To Stop, She Grab My Diamond


I Know How It Feel To Be Lied On
This Ain’t Gangster Shit In My Headphones, This A Sad Song
I Can’t Vent To You On A Text Message, It’s Real Wrong
He Talkin’ To One Of The Most Famous Girls On My Man’s Phone

I’m Said I’m Sorry, Told You To Starve Me
Said You Ain’t Explain It Enough
I Said I’m Sorry, I Said I’m Sorry
I Hate You Think That I’m Tough


I Don’t Know What You Do Me
Start To Think About Your Life Insurance,
Before You Tell Your Friends That You Through With Me
Told Her Shit That Could Ruin Me

Cut Her Off, She Stopped Textin’ Me Back,
That Shit Was Blowin’ Me
I Could Really Have It My Way If I Wanted To,
I’m A Walkin’ Orgy
Yellow Chanel Peacoat,
Fresh Off The Runway, She Giorgi
Lettin’ Her Tea Soak,
She Be Runnin’ My Mind All This Mornin’

Authorized, You Was On My Bank Account, She Stopped Recallin’
Used To Say Amari For Amiri Jeans, ’cause We Ain’t Have Nothin’
Used To Say Amari For Amiri Jeans, That Shit Retarded
Ptsd, I Got Cheated On, Baby, I’m Heartless
It Is What It Is, Think What You Want, Whatever You Callin’
I Done Seen Real Tears, Had A Miscarriage, Blood In The Toiler

I’m Said I’m Sorry, Told You To Starve Me
Said You Ain’t Explain It Enough
I Said I’m Sorry, I Said I’m Sorry
I Hate You Think That I’m Tough

Written by: ​Lil Durk, TouchofTrent & Haze

Sad Songs Song Info

Song: Sad Songs
Album: Almost Healed
Band/Singer: Lil Durk
Lead Vocals: Lil Durk
Lyrics: Lil Durk, TouchofTrent & Haze
Music: Haze & TouchofTrent
Music Label: Only The Family & Alamo Records
Featuring: Lil Durk
Release Date: May 26, 2023

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Sad Songs Music Video