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In My Head Lyrics by Mad Tsai: In My Head is a Brand New English Song, from the album “​teenage nightmare!”, sung by Mad Tsai. In My Head Song lyrics are written by ​Jeremy Zuckerman and Mad Tsai, with music produced by Mad Tsai and Drew Polovick, and this brand-new music video was released on April 27, 2023.

Mad Tsai – In My Head Lyrics

Love You
(Aah, Oh, Aah, Oh)

Your Starring Role, Played The Part Of My Lover
Heart Spilled, But Ran Through The Gutter
Maybe I’m Better Off Walking Home
Broke My Heart, Said Our Love Was Like Movies
I’m Not The One That You’re Choosing
God, Why Do I Always Love Alone?

But, In My Head You Never Left
And At The Start I’d Fix This End
So In Another World We’d Be Again
But In This Life I’m Not Complete
You Found Someone I Can’t Compete
So Guess I’m Stuck With Loving You Inside My Head
’cause In Another World We’d Be Again

(Aah, Oh, Aah, Oh)
(Aah, Oh)


I Know It’s Selfish To Wish That You’re Hurting
Just To Prove That It Was Worth The
Pain And The Joy That You Put Me Through
We’re Slow Dancing In Grocery Aisles
Pretend To Hear Our Wedding Bells
Oh, Tell Me Baby Where Did We Go Wrong?

’cause In My Head I’m On Your Bed
We’re Singing Songs From 2010
And I Pause Every Frame To See You Smile Again
But Truth Is We Weren’t Meant To Be
You Own My Heart But Lost The Key
So Now You Tell Me Bout’ The New Lover You Met
So Guess I’ll Keep Our Story In My Head

(Aah, Oh, Aah, Oh)
(Aah, Oh, Aah, Oh)
(Aah, Oh, Aah, Oh)

Do You Ever Think Of Me?
The Pieces Of What We Used To Be
Just Meet Me At The Place Inside My Mind
Our World Goes On And On
And We Keep On Dancing To Our Song
I Live In Little Moments And Rewind


But, In My Head I Don’t Pretend
I Never Lost My Only Friend
’cause In Another World We’d Be Again
But, In This Life I’m Not Complete
You Found Someone I Can’t Compete
Guess Happy Endings Only Happen In My Head

Written by: ​Jeremy Zuckerman & Mad Tsai

In My Head Song Info:

Song: In My Head
Album: ​teenage nightmare!
Band/Singer: Mad Tsai
Lead Vocals: Mad Tsai
Lyrics: Jeremy Zuckerman & Mad Tsai
Music: Mad Tsai & Drew Polovick
Music Label: Mad Tsai
Featuring: Mad Tsai
Release Date: April 27, 2023

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In My Head Music Video