Babylon By Bus Lyrics – ​billy woods & ​kenny segal

Babylon By Bus Lyrics by billy woods: Babylon By Bus is a Brand New English Song, sung by ShrapKnel, billy woods, and ​kenny segal. Babylon By Bus lyrics are written by ​billy woods with music produced by ​kenny segal, and this brand-new music video was released on May 5, 2023.

billy woods & ​kenny segal – Babylon By Bus Lyrics

Babylon By Bus, No Tagalongs
Just A Marathon, Trying To Run It Up
Lake Michigan A Frozen Pond
Black Swan With The Bubble Butt

Opera Glasses Clutched Front My Ugly Mug
I Administer The Food And Drugs
Monsoon Love, Oxytocin Flood
Red Mud Ran Out The Hills Like Blood

Glistening Water Bug On Clean Counter
Plague Mask Gave The Place A Curse And Glower
He Ran Away, I Gave Chase
But Gave Up And Sat On His Gate For Hours
Pissing In A Bottle
Lampposts Adorned With The Missing
Listen, I’m Not Swimming In Tomorrows
Parachute Twisted And Snarled
Just Glad I Kissed Him, I Knew The Time Was Borrowed

Hey Yo
Stiff Swig Of Blanton’s To Celebrate The New Wave
Hope Our Host Ain’t Got Himself A 12 Gauge
Not A [?] Gang, Playing Devil’s Advocate, Now Who’s Game?
Handsome With My B-boy, Trugoy And A Dj


Cold Open, Slow To Focus, Cameras Pan To A Freeway
The Ransom Was A Decoy, We P-noid The Heat Wave
Red Herring’s Nest In The Bible Belt
Cashier With A Carbine, Never Can Be Too Safe These Days

Before Novitzki’s Blonde Phase, Mic Hand Caught A Callus
Dallas Overseas Kick When Detlef Was A Maverick
Mouth Dry On That South By Road To Damascus
Better Call Saul A Cab, It’s Getting Bad With Traffic

Bumper Bumper Knight Rider, Wish We Had An Airwolf
Dickhead Logic Somehow Hacked Into Our Bluetooth
Move Quick, Bad News, Crew Thick
Constellation Funk, Bad Moon As Viewed Through The Roof Tint

Caught ’em Lacking On 9/11
I Lied Down Like V.I. Lenin
People Don’t Want The Truth,
They Want Me To Tell ’em Grandma Went To Heaven
Rifle On The Wall Is An Icebreaker


All The World’s A Stage, She Came To Me In Full Makeup
Anyone Wanna Be In My Life Gotta Sign Several Waivers
Wires Out The Taser,
Suspicious Fire In The Galley Of The Freighter

What I Do Can’t Be Copied
I Take Care Of These Words, Munchausen By Proxy
Somehow Beat The Tox Screen
God Save The Queen, But That Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore

Written by: ​billy woods

Babylon By Bus Song Info

Song: Babylon By Bus
Band/Singer: billy woods & ​kenny segal
Lead Vocals: ShrapKnel, billy woods & ​kenny segal
Lyrics: billy woods
Music: kenny segal
Music Label: billy woods
Featuring: billy woods & ​kenny segal
Release Date: May 5, 2023

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Babylon By Bus Music Video