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What A Day Lyrics by Tyler, The Creator: “‎What A Day” is a Brand New English Song, from the album “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST: The Estate Sale” sung by Tyler, The Creator. What A Day song lyrics are written by ​Tyler, The Creator, Madli, and Michał Urbaniak, with music also produced by Madlib, and this brand new music video was released on March 31, 2023.

Tyler, The Creator – What A Day Lyrics

(What A Day At The Park) The Estate Sale
(What A Day At The Park)
(Gangsta Grillz)

Yeah, I Pulled Up In That Eighteenth Letter Repeat Buggy
Had To Switch The Hue ’cause Them La Boys Smuggy
But More Likely To Get Hurt By Somebody Who Love Me
My Lady, She Don’t Trust Me, Know I’m A Sick Puppy


Know That Women Throw Themselves At Me And Men Want Me
Anything Could Happen For Attention And Rent Money
I Got So Much On My Plate, That’s Why I Sit Funny
So Many Hand-outs, So Much Back Bending

So Much Entitlement My Family Be Actin’ In
So Many White Diamonds, Yеah, I Got Jungle Fever
But ThеY Didn’t Raise Me, So Shout Out Black Women
So Much Commentin’, Show Me What You Good At


Tell Me The Highs Of The Valley That Your Boots Stood At
You Couldn’t Fit In My Loafers If You Took A Steroid
And I Wouldn’t Handle Your Baggage If I Had A Bellboy
I’m Rarely Replying To Texts, Barely Enjoying The S*x

I Got A Pain In My Chest, That’s From Suppressin’ The Stress
Lionel, He Know Me The Best
Told Me I Know The Answer, But Clancy,
He Gave Me The Best Advice That I Heard In A Sec’


I Need To Call Me A Jet, I Need To Pack Me A Bag
I Need To Get Me A Cabin, Need Some Scrimmage In Chess
I Could’ve Bought Me Some Land, I Went And Flooded My Neck
I Say This Shit With My Chest, I Am Like One Of The Best (Greatest)

I Am A Workaholic And I Need To Get Me Some Rest
I’d Rather Get These Ideas Off, I’d Rather Not Steer Off My Path
I’m So Scared Of Going Back To My Past
I Work, I Swear It’s Hard Not Shaking That Fear Off
White Boy Said I Brag Too Much, The Black Kid Said It’s Inspiring
Duality Is Tiring, My Girl Would Kill Me If She Knew The Things I Was Desiring
Suppressing It, Get It Out The Way, I Put The Sirens In, Yeah

(What A Day At The Park)
(What A Day At The Park) Don’t Get It Confused
(What A Day At The Park) You Could Never

Look, I Don’t F*ck With Parties, I Don’t F*ck With The Paparazzi
Never Have I Drove A Hellcat Or A Maserati
Never Needed Others For My Personal Validation
She Ain’t Gettin’ Touched If She Cannot Hold A Conversation

Never Had A Bulky Richard Mille As A Wristwatch
I Never Seen Amiri, Never Posted On Tiktok
I Never Had Desire For Promethazine In A Soda
Never Made Eye Contact With A Woman In Fashion Nova

Never Had To Fit In No Lane
Never Wore Beats By Dre Headphones To Get A Video Made, Uh
Bunnyhop Validated, Pedaling
Hittin’ Wheelies Like Chris Retaliated, Just Look Around

Every Opportunity Allocated
I Put So Many N!ggas On, You Thought Dj Khaled Made It
From Cold Showers, I Used To Hate It
Now I’m Spendin’ Fifteen For The New Roof, It Ain’t Renovated
I Could See The Ocean Where I Sleep And The House Is Gated
No Calabasas, I Brentwood It Or Palisade It
The Freckled Girls Articulating Art Got Me Salivating (I Love It)

Wall Is Henry Taylor With The Trunks, I Be Playing Jenga
The Last Tour, Dog, I Cleaned House
They Mad I Made It, I’m So Conceited
Feeling Myself, Ego Masturbating, I Graduated
After Album Five, I Got Syndicated, You Want The Old T?
Sorry G, That Picture Faded
Come Get Wit’ Me

(What A Day At The Park) I Like To Call That
(What A Day At The Park) Oh My God

Yeah, I’m A Dead Poet (Poet), Tabletop Stumpin’ (Stumpin’)
I’m A Free Spirit, Have The Whole Jail Jumpin’ (Jumpin’)
Ever Since A Youngin’, Moved At My Pace (At My Own)
Scared Of Having Youngins ’cause I Like My Space (Yeah)

Selfish Ain’t The Word (Nope), Regret Ain’t Either (Nuh-uh)
Before You Get The Huffin’ And The Puffin’, Take A Breather (Hah-hah-hah)
Put Yourself First If You’re Livin’ With A Dream (Put Yourself First)
Be Your Biggest Cheerleader, Motherf*ck The Team


Written by: ​Tyler, The Creator, Madlib & Michał Urbaniak

What A Day Song Info:

Song: What A Day
Album: CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST: The Estate Sale
Band/Singer: Tyler, The Creator
Lead Vocals: Tyler, The Creator
Lyrics: Tyler, The Creator, Madlib & Michał Urbaniak
Music: Madlib
Video Director: Tyler, The Creator
Music Label: Tyler, The Creator
Featuring: Tyler, The Creator
Release Date: March 31, 2023

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