Heart on My Sleeve Lyrics – Chlöe

Heart on My Sleeve Lyrics by Chlöe- “Heart on My Sleeve” is the Brand New English Song from the album “In Pieces” featuring Chlöe. Chlöe has sung this Latest English Song, while Heart on My Sleeve Song Lyrics are penned by Chlöe, Linden Ja, and Josh Taffel, with Music produced by Linden Jay, Josh Taffel, and Chlöe, and this Brand New Music video has been released on March 31, 2023.

Chlöe – Heart on My Sleeve Lyrics

(Ah, Ah)
Wear My Heart On My Sleeve, It’s A Hundred Degrees
I Can Feel Of It, Baby, Yeah, Yeah
Yeah, I Got A Confession, I’m Feelin’ Under Pressure
Wish I Had All The Answers, Yeah, Yeah
Wear My Heart On My Sleeve, They All Say I’m Naïve
But It’s Better Than Nothin’
When Did It All Get So Heavy Now?

Ah, What About Me? (Me)
Ah, Now Don’t Forget Me (Don’t Forget Me)
Ah, What About Me?
What About, What About, What About Me?



Written by: Chlöe, Linden Jay & Josh Taffel

Heart on My Sleeve Song Info:

Song: Heart on My Sleeve
Album: In Pieces
Band/Singer: Chlöe
Lyrics: Chlöe, Linden Jay & Josh Taffel
Music: Linden Jay, Josh Taffel & Chlöe
Copyright: Sony Music Entertainment
Music Label: Chlöe
Featuring: Chlöe
Release Date: March 31, 2023

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Heart on My Sleeve Music Video