GONE Lyrics – NF feat. Julia Michaels


GONE Lyrics by NF: “GONE is a Brand New English Song from the album “HOPE” sung by NF and Julia Michaels. GONE Song Lyrics are penned by NF and Tommee Profitt, with Music produced by NF, Julia Michaels, and Tommee Profitt, and this brand-new music video has been released on April 7, 2023.

GONE Lyrics

Always Saw My Glass As Half Empty, It Was Never Full
You Were Always Passive And I Was Irresponsible
Didn’t Have A Chance But We Were Scared To Let Things Go
Young, In Love, Broken Hearts Holdin’ On To Our False Hope

Had Your Whole Life Planned Out, I Had No Clue Who I Was
Gave It All We Had, But Guess Our All Wasn’t Enough
Wonder Where You’re At Now? Did You Ever Find The One?
Hope You’re Out There Somewherе Happy, Sometimes I Think Of You

(Ooh-ooh) Yeah
And It MakеS Me Sad
(Ooh-ooh) Mhm, Yeah
The Way You Left
But I’m Glad You Did
It Was For The Best

I Pray That Someday You Find Yourself
Somehow, Someway, With Someone Else
Don’t Wait, It’s Too Late To Keep Holding On
Yeah, I’m Already Gone

Yeah, I Could Blame Us Breakin’ Up On Bein’ Too Young
On Bein’ Too Dumb, On Bein’ Too Caught Up On Past Dramas
But The Truth Is, We Just Weren’t Right
We Planned Our Whole Life And
We Both Knew We Should’ve Just Ended On The First Night

And I Know If I Would Have Stayed With You
I Would’ve Been Down On Luck And Done With Love
And Done Too Much To Make You Stay
Second-guessing And Resenting All The Love

I Could’ve Gave To Someone Else
Got Carpal Tunnel From Holdin’ On To What We Once Felt
I’m Happy For You, I Am
You Don’t Get Me Wrong, I Am
And Once In A While, It’s True
I Think About You Too
Yeah, I Do
I Think About You Too

(Ooh-ooh) Mm
Yeah, It Makes Me Sad
(Ooh-ooh) Oh-oh, Yeah
The Way You Left
(Ooh-ooh) Oh-oh
But I’m Glad You Did
It Was For The Best (Yeah, Yeah, Oh)

I Pray That Someday You Find Yourself
Somehow, Someway, With Someone Else (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)
Don’t Wait (Don’t Wait), It’s Too Late (It’s Too Late) To Keep Holding On
Yeah, Yeah, I’m Already Gone

Oh, Yeah
Yeah, I’m Already Gone
I’m Already Gone
Oh, Oh, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
I’m Already Gone

Written by: NF & Tommee Profitt

GONE Song Info:

Song: GONE
Album: HOPE
Band/Singer: NF
Lead Vocals: NF & Julia Michaels
Lyrics: NF & Tommee Profitt
Music: NF, Julia Michaels & Tommee Profitt
Music Label: Capitol Records
Featuring: NF & Julia Michaels
Release Date: April 7, 2023

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