Golden Hour (Romanized) Lyrics – MARK (마크)


Golden Hour (Romanized) Lyrics by MARK (마크) – Golden Hour (Romanized) is a Brand New English-Korean Song, featuring MARK (마크). MARK (마크) has sung this Latest English-Korean Song while Golden Hour (Romanized) Song Lyrics are penned by dress, MARK (마크), Jeanjinn.jane, ​ron (KOR), and Sion (시온), with Music produced by dress, and this Brand New Music video has been released on April 7, 2023.

MARK (마크) – Golden Hour (Romanized) Lyrics


Give Me My A Course
Ice Is So Big Like A Glacier
Nae Tongjange Eoullyeo Plating
She Looking At Me With No Patience
So Dangerous
Menuga Machi Nae Mirror
Michelindawo My Facial
Naega Jom Nahante Chwihae Isseo
Gajin Geol Eojjae Da Sumgyeo
Ireokena Bappa
Bappa Na Meongneura Bap Bap
Ladies Just Wait For Me, Good Girl
I Got A Really Big
Hmm, I Got A Really Big Problem, Woo, Hoo, Ooh
I Don’t Know How To Make Eggs
But That I Do Not Stress
’cause I’ve Never Been Hungry

Appetizer Malgo
Main Dish Malgo Nan (Main Dish Malgo Nan)
Excuse Me, Waiter
Gaundedaga Noreunjaman Make It Right
I’m Callin Gordon Ramsay

I’m Cookin’ Up
I’ll Cook You Up
Me And The Kitchen With Diamond Rings (Cookin’ With Me, Dirty)
I’m Cookin’ Up (Cookin’ With Me, Dirty)
I’ll Cook You Up
Married The Kitchen To Cook You Up (Yeah)

Topping Your Fav, Domanggara Hae
Tongue In The Game, Da Naegen Buffet
I’m In Your Brain Like Ooh La-la-la
Jugeo, No, Never Come Back Like A Bounce
Style Too Lavish, I Don’t Count (Count)
Dosireul Unyeonghae In My Gown (Gown)
Boy Gives Governments Allowance
Ain’t Ever Enough (Yeah)
Snapping Like Branches
Beureikeutaim Eopsi Kill ’em All (Kill ’em All)
Gilchiga Chajawa
Nae Koseu Byeol Bakin Front Door (Woo)
Cut The Cloth Cut The Check
Off The Cuff, Going Off Tonight I’m
Ip Matchwo On The Glass
Takae Pinot Noir, Like Blood, Not Mine

I’d Say Appetizer Malgo
Main Dish Malgo Nan (Main Dish Malgo Nan)
Excuse Me, Waiter
Gaundedaga Noreunjaman, Make It Right
So, Yeah, I’m Calling

When It’s All Said And Done, Girl, I Want You (Ooh-ooh)
Kkeute Na Honjaramyeon Beoryeo Jeonbu (Ooh-ooh)
You Can Free My Mind (Mind)
See The Silver Lining (Lining)
I Know You Like Hawaii
Hop On A Flight
Anim Nae Cruise
Anim Mwo Geotji
Let’s Free Your Timing
Jeojilleo Beorigo Huhoehajago
I Need Me A Real Freak Tonight

You Know, We Live In A World
That Constantly Tries To Take You Away From You
Everyone Is Being Everyone
But Themselves Here But Not Around
Wait, But What Does That Mean? Hehe

(Ooh-ooh, Ooh) I Really Don’t Know How
I’m Calling Gordon Out ’cause It’s The
(Ooh-ooh, Ooh) Siganeun Golden Hour
Haneure Noreunjaga Shining
(Ooh-ooh, Ooh; Yeah) I Don’t Know How To Make Eggs
But That I Do Not Stress, Know I Won’t Ever Go Hungry
(Ooh-ooh, Ooh) I’m Calling Gordon Out
’cause It’s The Golden Hour

Written by: dress, MARK (마크), Jeanjinn.jane, ​ron (KOR) & Sion (시온)

Golden Hour Lyrics
Golden Hour (English Translation) Lyrics

Golden Hour (Romanized) Song Info:

Song: Golden Hour (Romanized)
Singer/Band: MARK (마크)
Lead Vocals: MARK (마크)
Background Vocals: Sion (시온) & MARK (마크)
Composer: ​dress, MARK (마크) & Sion (시온)
Lyrics: dress, MARK (마크), Jeanjinn.jane, ​ron (KOR) & Sion (시온)
Music: ​dress
Music Label: SM Entertainment
Featuring: MARK (마크)
Release Date: April 7, 2023

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Golden Hour (Romanized) Music Video