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Artificial Intelligence Lyrics by MIKE DEAN: Artificial Intelligence is a Brand New English Song, from the album “4:23”, sung by The Weeknd. Artificial Intelligence Song lyrics are written by ​The Weeknd and MIKE DEAN, with music produced by MIKE DEAN, The Weeknd, and Sam Levinson, and this brand-new music video was released on April 29, 2023.

MIKE DEAN – Artificial Intelligence Lyrics

Oh-huh, Oh-huh
Oh, Oh-oh
You Could Have Me On My Knees
Like I Was About To Pray
Idolizin’ At Your Feet
Know You Are So Far Away
I Will Travel Overseas
But Your Heart’s In Another Place
How Do I Even Compete?
Emotionless, Emotionless
I’m At War With False Intelligence, Oh Yeah
They’re Trying To Take My Soul, Oh
They’re Trying To Take My Soul, Yeah

Written by: ​The Weeknd & MIKE DEAN

Artificial Intelligence Song Info:

Song: Artificial Intelligence
Album: 4:23
Band/Singer: The Weeknd & MIKE DEAN
Lead Vocals: The Weeknd & MIKE DEAN
Lyrics: The Weeknd & MIKE DEAN
Music: MIKE DEAN, The Weeknd & Sam Levinson
Music Label: MIKE DEAN
Featuring: The Weeknd
Release Date: April 29, 2023

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Artificial Intelligence Music Video