Please Lyrics – Daisy Jones & The Six

Please Lyrics by Daisy Jones & The Six: “Please is a Brand New English Song from the album “Aurora“, sung by Riley Keough and Sam Claflin. Please Song Lyrics are penned by Blake Mills and Chris Weisman, with Music produced by Blake Mills, and this brand new music video has been released on March 2, 2023.

Daisy Jones & The Six Please Lyrics


Please, I’m Down On My Knees
I Have A Family
Please, It’s An Awful Disease
And It’s Getting Me
Merged With A Terrible Urge Every Night
Please, If It’s Only A Single Bite

How Is The Terrible Trees At The Edge Of It?
Please, Man, I’m Down On My Knees Like A Jesuit
And I Need What I Can’t Unsee To Disappear
Now, C’mon, Man, I Don’t Wanna Do In Hell


Please, I’m The Worst At This
I Need You To Say No, Please

Please, Let The Man That You Pleasе
For The Other Guests
I Takе It Out On Myself
As A Little Test
Oh, At Least, Meet Me Under The Table For A Kiss
Oh, And Please, Know I’m Better Than All Of This

Please, Would You Throw Me A Breeze For A Little Spot?
For Him In The Valley Of Death, It’s A Little Hot
Please, See I’m Better Than This In Advance
Oh, Please, Never Give Me A Second Chance

Please, I’m The Worst At This
I Need You To Say No, Please

Written by: Blake Mills & Chris Weisman

Please Song Info:

Song: Please
Album: Aurora
Band/Singer: Daisy Jones & The Six
Lead Vocals: Riley Keough & Sam Claflin
Lyrics: Blake Mills & Chris Weisman
Music: Blake Mills
Music Label: Daisy Jones & The Six/Atlantic Records
Featuring: Daisy Jones & The Six
Release Date: March 2, 2023

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