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Feather Lyrics by BamBam: “‎Feather″ is a Brand New English-Korean Song from the album “Sour & Sweet” sung by BamBam.

Feather song lyrics are written by ​Jimmy Brown, Coach & Sendo, and BamBam, with music Composed by ​Coach and Sendo and Jimmy Brown, and this brand new music video was released on March 28, 2023.

BamBam – Feather Lyrics

I’m In My Dream
In Dream, I Said, “Hi”
외로이 혼자
깊은숨이 고여
이곳에 남아
See Me Drowning


Nothing There To Stop The Feeling
저 높은 건물도
겁이 나지만 또 힘이
공기조차 설렘 사이엔
두 팔이 닿은 곳
I Could See It Every Morning
Dive In, 때론 답이 흐릿할 때도

마음에 빛을 더해, Feather
I’m Gonna Paint You A Better Color
선명해, Know It’s Getting Closer
늘 바라던 것도 (You, You, You, You)
이제는 높이 날아, Feather
You Know I Want This Forever, Ooh-ooh
All That I’m Wishing For Is You, All That I Need Is You
Yeah, It’s (You, You, You, You)
My Feather


I’m In My Dream
In Dream, I Said, “Hi”
외로이 혼자
깊은숨이 고여
이곳에 남아


Written by: Jimmy Brown, Coach & Sendo & BamBam


Feather Song Info:

Song: Feather
Album: Sour & Sweet
Band/Singer: BamBam
Lead Vocals: BamBam
Composer: Coach & Sendo & Jimmy Brown
Lyrics: Jimmy Brown, Coach & Sendo & BamBam
Music: Coach & Sendo & Jimmy Brown
Featuring: BamBam
Release Date: March 28, 2023

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Feather Music Video