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Death Trap Song by Sik World: “Death Trap” is a Brand New English Song sung by Sik World. Death Trap Song Lyrics are also penned by Sik World, with Music produced by Sik World, and this brand-new music video has been released on February 3, 2023.

Death Trap Lyrics – Sik World

Yuh-Yeah Haha
I Just Wanna Have Some Fun Man
I Just Wanna Have Some Fun Man
Woah Woah, Woah Woah

Yeah, It Is A Death Trap Whenever You Diss Me
I Ain’t Doing No Tip For Tat, B!tch I’ma Just Dead You Quickly
When It Comes To Rap Game I Am What This Games Missing
Okay They Call Me Sick (Why?) Cuz My Life Is Sicking, Yeah Yeah


Heard Your Weak-A*s Diss I Could School You, Dude
In The Middle Of The Night, You Buy Youtube Views
I Could Post The Screenshots And Expose You Fool
Yeah, You See Me Right? B!tch I Know You Do

Gotta Few Screw Looses, I Need Me A Fix
I Walk In This Mug, Like Yeah I’m The Sh!t
You Still Hit The Club? PlеAse Grow Up A Bit
Posting About Money But Can’t Afford Rent


Posting About Cars, But Still Usе A Lyft
Posting About Girls, But Can’t Get A B!tch
Posting About Travel, But Can’t Take A Trip
Post You’re “Living Life” But Look How You Live

God, Ha! Y’all Are Hilarious
I Don’t Link Up With You Cuz Your Embarrassing
I Am A Bachelor I Don’t Know What Marriage Is
I Cut Off The Fakes, It’s Apart Of My Heritage


Play A Sucker To Catch A Suckers My Favorite Law
You Think I’m Dumb But B!tch I’m Just Playing Y’all
Nowadays, I’m Working Nonstop, I Take No Day Offs
The Whip I’m In Is Riding In So Fast
That It Feel Like A Race Car (Vroom Vroom)

Don’t Tick Me Off Cuz I Promise I’ll Deaden You
I Am The Bishop, I’m Ten Steps Ahead Of You
Better Be Scared Of Me, F#ck What They Said To You
I Get Sadistic And I Get Demented Too

If You Lost Your Status, Show Me What Is Left You
Your Biggest Enemy, Standing Right New One Next You
Friends Turn To Foes, And They Don’t Want What’s The Best For You
Rely On Yourself Cuz Nobody Gon’ Rescue You Damn

I Don’t Kick With You Bums
Sik World, B!tch You Know I’m The One
Your Soft, Sweet Like Honey Buns
You Posted A Stack, It’s Like 3 Hundred Ones

B!tch You’re A Joke
Gotta Cash App In Your Bio
How I Know That Your Broke
The Fakes They Claim To Be Real

Swear To God I’m Losing My Hope
Me? I Got The Illest Of Flows
I Got Gratitude Deep In My Heart
Grateful That I Didn’t Leave From The Start

I Needed Light So I Creep From The Dark
F#ck A Label I Don’t Need ’em At All
I Love Being Me, Find It Really Bizarre
How People Can’t Really Be Who They Are

And Your Old News Like Steven Seagal
I Am Receiving A Call
It’s Your Girl Wanting Me Deep In Her Jaws
I Been Ducking Her Like Creep In The Mall

She’s Thinking I’m A Social Media Star
When I’m Just An Artist Releasing Some Songs
It Don’t Matter Cuz I’m Beating It Raw
She Want Me To Goin In? I’ll Be In The Car

I Told Her I’m Busy I’m Leaving Tomorrow
I Drop Her Like Leaves In The Fall
Flow Is Outta This World, I’m
Here But Left With His Girl, I’m

So Sick Ill Make You Hurl, I’m
So Twisted I See Swirls, I’m
Me Till I D.I.E
Multiple People Like D.I.D
Rapper, Manager, Doing It B.I.G
Get Off My T.I.P
Hope You D.I.G Bitch – Yuh Yuh

Yeah Yeah
Ay Ay, Ay Ay, Ay, Ay
I Just Wanna Have Some Fun Man
I Just Wanna Have Some Fun Man Haha
Death Trap, Death Trap

Credit –

Song: Death Trap
Band/Singer: Sik World
Lead Vocals: Sik World
Lyrics: Sik World
Music: Sik World
Music Label: Sik World
Featuring: Sik World
Release Date: February 3, 2023

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