Sensually Lyrics – Dende

Sensually Lyrics by Dende – Sensually is the Brand New English Song from the album “Before We Crash” featuring Dende. Dende has sung this Latest English Song, while Sensually Song Lyrics are also penned by Dende, with Music produced by Billy Blunt and Jacob Ray, and this Brand New Music video has been released on the 04th of January 2023.

Sensually Lyrics – Dende

Can We Turn On The Radio, Please?
Of Course, Just,
Let Me Find Somethin’ That Both Of Us’ll Like
Nah, This One’s From Me
Damn, This One From Me Too

Call Me When You Need Me
Swear, I’ll Come Runnin’, Baby
Momma Warned Me Bad Girls, Just Like You, Oh
But I Pay It Never Mind Today
See I Done Had My Mind Made Up, Oh, Oh
To Have You All To Myself
And If I Was To Mess That Up, No, No
I Just Wouldn’t Be Well, Well
’cause Baby, You’re The One, Oh
That I Don’t Wanna Lose
And If I Ever Did, Did
I’d Spend All My Days Chasin’ After You, Woah, Oh, Yeah

Sensually (Ooh-Woah-oh)
All I Need (No-oh)
Baby, It’s You (It’s You, It’s You, It’s You)
You’re The Centerpiece (Ooh-Woah-oh)
Of My Dreams (No-oh)
Yeah, Baby, It’s True (It’s True, Ooh, Ah-ah, Nah, Nah, Nah)
Sensually (Sensually)
All I Need (All I Need)
Baby, It’s You (Ooh-ooh-oh, Oh, Oh-oh, Oh)
You’re The Centerpiece (You’re The Centerpiece)
Of My Dreams (Of My Dreams)
Yeah, Baby, It’s True

Written by: Dende

Sensually Song Info:

Song: Sensually
Album Before We Crash
Singer: Dende
Lyrics: Dende
Music: Billy Blunt & Jacob Ray
Music Label: Dende
Featuring: Dende
Release Date: 04th January 2023

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