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F64 Lyrics by Ed Sheeran – F64 is the Brand New English Song from the album “– (Subtract)” featuring Ed Sheeran. Ed Sheeran has sung this Latest English Song, while F64 Song Lyrics are penned by Ed Sheeran, Dan Benson, David Omoregie, JAE5, Godwin Vata Sonzi and Fred again.., with Music produced by FRED, and this Brand New Music video has been released on the 19th of January 2023.

Ed Sheeran – F64 Cross Lyrics

Yo, Jam, This Is A Letter To You
It’s Been A While, But It’s Been Hard For Me To Get In The Booth
And Since We Last Spoke, I’ve Become A Father Of Two
Tryna Live Life With A Smile, But That’s Been Harder To Do

‘Cause All I Wanna Do Is Talk About You
But These Tears Won’t Let Me Talk About You
We Should’ve Known That We’d Be Lost Without You
Therapy Sessions, Diggin’ Deep In Depression


I Got A Life Full Of Blessings,
But This Just Breaks My F#ckin’ Heart
At Your Birthday, Couldn’t Even Crack A Smile
I Just Cried And Left The Party, Neesh, I’ll See You In While

Headed To The Mural, Got Some Jerk Wings And Plantain
‘Cause That Is The Way That Me And You Would Celebrate It
I Never Knew You Touched The Stuff, ’cause You’d Always Bad Me Up
If You Saw Me More Than Drunk, You Always Hated What It Does


Before Lyra, I Just Stopped, I Haven’t Even Wanted One
I Can’t Get Over This, It’s F#cked, Man, I Wished I’d Known
And Yo, We Cried For Nine Nights In Your Family Home
Laid You To Rest In The Ground But Without A Stone
You Know It Hits Me Most At Moments Now When I’m Alone
Every Morning, I Remember That You’re Really Gone

‘Cause It’s Been A Long Night And I Cry ’cause I Miss My Brother
You Know For Life, Got Your Sis And Mother
And Day And Night, It Still Hits That You’re Gone
And Right Now I’m Spillin’ Tears In My Cup


You Left The World ‘Fore You Met Jupiter
Wish You’d Have Known You Would Be Godfather
You Would’ve Loved Lovin’ My Little Girls
If Not For Them, I’d Be Done With The World

Was There Two Hours After You Passed
Speedin’ East To West, Silent In The Back Of The Car
Was At Your Mum’s, There All Week, Tryin’ To Make Sense But I Can’t
And Although It’s Been A Year, Still Feel The Pain In My Heart

‘Cause You Were There From The Start
The Day We Met, Yeah, I Moved In And We Were Never Apart
People Assumed That We Were Lovers, But We’re Brothers In Arms
Symbiotic Bond Of Love And Gave Each Other A Chance, My God, Ah
F#ck Sake

Lately, I’ve Been Cryin’ So Much, My Lungs Ache
Teardrops All Over My Shirt Like Blood Stains
And I Know To Heal A Heart, It Must Break
But I’m Done Prayin’, They
Gave Me A Shovel At Your Burial

And Watchin’ You Get Lowered Is Somethin’ I Can’t Forget At All
And People Find And Stop Me In The Street And Say It’s Terrible
But They Don’t Know You Like I Knew You And They Never Will
No One Saw The Nights Turn Into Day When We Were Battle Rappin’

No One Saw The Belly Laugh And Every Train To Somewhere Random
No One Saw The Holidays, And Then Our First Experience Clubbin’
No One Knew The Things You Did For Me And Never Asked For Nothin’
No One Read The Conversations Of The Moves That We Were Plannin’

No One Knew About The Way You Felt The Scene, Left You Abandoned
No One Knew About Your Fears ’cause You Would Hide ’em With A Smile
No One Knew When People Took An Inch, You Would Give ’em A Mile
‘Cause That Was Always Jamal, Sb To The Crowd

They Used To Shout Your Net Worth, But They Don’t Mention It Now
They Hear About Your Good Deeds And Infectious Smile
A Golden Heart That’s Still Remembered Is Worth More Than A Crown
I Promised Sixty-Four Bars And Now I Keep It To Tanisha

Mummy, Isaac, The Gang, But I Just Wish That You’d Seen It
I Can’t Accept That You’re Gone, Or The Grief That I’m Feeling
I Prayed To God For Answers, But He Still Won’t Give Me A Reason
I Think About You Every Day, Nothing Will Take This Pain Away

I’ll Keep Your Legacy Amazin’, Mate
The Conversations At Your Grave’s The Only Way To Be Close
I Know You’ll Greet Me With A Smile On The Day That I Go

‘Cause It’s Been A Long Night And I Cry ’cause I Miss My Brother
And For Life, Got Your Sis And Mother
You Know I Cry ’cause I Miss My Brother
My Brother Was SBTV

Written by: Ed Sheeran, Dan Benson, David Omoregie, JAE5, Godwin Vata Sonzi & Fred again..

F64 Song Info:

Song: F64
Album – (Subtract)
Band/Singer: Ed Sheeran
Lyrics: Ed Sheeran, Dan Benson, David Omoregie, JAE5, Godwin Vata Sonzi & Fred again..
Music: FRED
Music Label: Ed Sheeran
Featuring: Ed Sheeran
Release Date: 19th January 2023

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F64 Music Video