Black Lyrics – NBA YoungBoy

Black by NBA Youngboy – Black is the Brand New English Song from the album “I Rest My Case” featuring YoungBoy Never Broke Again. YoungBoy Never Broke Again has sung this Latest English Song, while Black Song Lyrics are penned by YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Jasiah and Powers Pleasant, with Music also produced by Jasiah, Kid Krazy and Powers Pleasant, and this Brand New Music video has been released on the 06th Of January 2023.

Black Lyrics – NBA YoungBoy

Hm, Hm, Hm, Mm
Pull Up, G-Wagon, Huh, Mm
Different, Mm (They Hoes)
Uh, Hey, Yeah, Uh-huh (These N!ggas, They Hoes)
We Don’t F*ck With These N!ggas, They Hoes (What?)
Fire, B!tch, Gang, Uh, Uh,
Uh (We Don’t F*ck With These N!gas, They Hoes)
Mm, Mm (I Don’t F*ck With These N!ggas, They Hoes)

Who The F*ck Is Lil’ Shawty? (F*ck Is Lil’ Shawty?)
Where The F*ck Is Yo’ N!gga? (F*ck Is Yo’ N!gga?)
How You Get To This Party?
Don’t Bring Backwoods, I Like Swishers

I Gotta Draco In The Sack Now,
Shoot The Car, Tryna Knock Out The Engine (Boom, Baow, Baow)
I Keep This Sh!t Kickin’ On Top Of My Pendant
Dirty Rod In My Pouch, Gotta Know I Ain’t Slippin’ (Go)
Black, Hm, Hm, I Want Everything Black, Uh (Black)

I Want Everything Black (Black),
I’m Buyin’ Everything, Black (Black)
I Want That A$$, Fat (A$$ Fat),
My Range Rover Black
I Want A Whole ‘nother Bag, Huh,
I Want A Hundred-round Gat
And I Want Lil’ Shawty,
She Bad, Huh, I Wanna Beat In Her Back
And I Wanna Kill All My Opps,
Dead, Ain’t Comin’ Back

I Want Hit Her If She Thick (Woo),
I Wanna Keep This Sh!t On Track
And I Went Bought Like Thirty Rollies Like A N!gga Ric Flair
Wait, Hm, Like A N!gga Ric Flair, Mm (Ah)
And I Want Damn Near Thirty Rollies Like A N!gga Ric Flair

Ha, Haha, Like A N!gga Ric Flair, Ha (You Already Know)
And I’m So High, Might Fly A B!tch Off, Finna Dye My Hair (Uh)
These Rappers Be Talkin’ That Sh!t And They Broke
And They Know For A Fact I Make Slimes Pull Up

They Be Stealin’ The Swag So We F*ckin’ They Ho
Pick Her Up, Hit The B!tch In The Back Of My Truck
I Don’t Care, All This Money Not Here For The Show
Let Her Ride Me On Top While I Sit In The Chair

I Be Fiendin’, B!tch, I Be Takin’ These Pills
I Could Pull Her Sh!t Off ’cause I Paid For The Hair
Different, Mm-ah
And, I Don’t F*ck With These N!ggas, They Hoes
We Don’t F*ck With These N!ggas, They Hoes

Why You Think We Be F*ckin’ They Hoes? (Know I’m Rich)
Tell ’em That I’ma Just Fye (Rich, Rich, Rich, Rich)
How You Think That I Pay For That Rolls?
I Just Crept Up From The Paint, Huh
You Know That I Brought My Bros

Written by: YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Jasiah & Powers Pleasant

Black Song Info:

Song: Black
Album I Rest My Case
Singer: NBA YoungBoy
Lyrics: YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Jasiah & Powers Pleasant
Music: Jasiah, Kid Krazy & Powers Pleasant
Music Label: YoungBoy Never Broke Again & Motown Records
Featuring: YoungBoy Never Broke Again
Release Date: 06th January 2023

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Black Music Video