Skin Crawl Lyrics – UPSAHL | Sagittarius (2022)

Skin Crawl Lyrics by UPSAHL – Toast is a Brand New English Song from the album “Sagittarius“, featuring UPSAHL. UPSAHL has sung this Latest English Song while Skin Crawl Song Lyrics are also penned by UPSAHL, with Music also produced by UPSAHL, and this Brand New Music video has been released on the 09th of December 2022.

Skin Crawl Lyrics – UPSAHL

… So Close I’m Breathing (I’m Breathing)
If [?] A Friend Of Mine
And The Thought Of The Escape Is Making Me So Weak And [?] [?] Is Giving Me An Epiphany, Yeah

I’m So Burnt Out, So I’m Burning This Down
Circling Around, Everyday Is Just The Same Sh!t
You Are Never Enough But It Tastes On My Tongue
I’m Boredom, So Numb


Don’t Wanna Feel Much Just Make My Skin Crawl
Wanna Say I Love You Through A Clenched Jaw
Go Head Over Heels Just Like It’s A Free Fall
Don’t Wanna Think At All Just Make My Skin Crawl, Skin Crawl

I Don’t Do Much, Just Put A Taste On My Tongue
I’ll Give You Something To Crash, I See The Chaos Like A Big Ball
I Don’t Do Much, Just Give Me Infinite Fun
ForgеT About [?], I Don’t Wanna Think At All Just Make My (Sick)


Written by: UPSAHL

Skin Crawl Song Info:

Song: Skin Crawl
Album: Sagittarius (2022)
Singer: UPSAHL
Lyrics: UPSAHL
Music Label: UPSAHL
Featuring: UPSAHL
Release Date: 09th December 2022

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Skin Crawl Music Video