Good Time Lyrics by BROCKHAMPTON is the Brand New English Song from the album “The Family“. Kevin Abstract has sung this Latest English Song, while Good Time Song Lyrics are penned by Kevin Abstract, Ryan Yoo and Thomas Lee Barrett, with Music produced by boylife, and this Brand New Music video has been released on the 17th of November 2022.

Good Time Lyrics – BROCKHAMPTON

Yeah, Uh

I’m Calling My Flight, Pack Up My Bags (Yeah)
I Know It’s Time To Leave (Uh), The Show Is Over
It Ended Overseas (Bye)
Take Them Plaques Down, It’s Time To Move On (Time)

Call Up My Real Family, It’s Time I Go Home (Damn)
No More Changes (Uh-huh), No More Playlists (Uh-huh)
No More Due Dates (Nah), No More Fake Sh!T (Wait, But, Uh)
I Miss Run Around The City Witcha,
You Know I Cannot Lie (You Know I Mean, Though?)

—?, You Know I Ain’t That Same Guy (Why?)
I Got A Chain Now, I Got A Lane Now (Bye)
I Changed My Style Up A While Ago
And It Still Hurt That We Don’t Hang Out
Lost My Tribe And Gang Now, Yes,
Lil’ B!tch, And Over Payouts

Art Hurts But It’s Working, My Dawg
So Please, Would You Stay Down?
I’d Do Anything To Keep You In My Life
Whatever You Need, I Got You, Forever (Like, Ride)

And We Said, “Forever” (But I Guess)
Forever Don’t Last Too Long
And We Said, “Forever” (So It Seems)
Forever’s Only Long As A Song (Don’t Go)

Man, I See My Brothers, Yo
Please Don’t Gas My Brothers, Yo
Young As Fu*k, Broke As Fu*k
Sausage Roll, Gullible

Corner Store, Gas Me, Though
Asking Me What Set We From
But Again, We Young, We Dumb
Film Video ’til The Sun Get Down

B!tch, Them Was The Good Times
B!tch, Them Was The Good Times
Eat It In The Hood
B!tch, Them Was The Good Times
B!tch, Them Was The Good Times
B!tch, Them Was The Good Times
Special In The Hood
B!tch, Them Was The Good Times

It Be So Fu*ked Up, I Be Doing Zoom Calls
Talking With N!ggas About Personal Sh!t
I’m Like, “Yo, Make Sure We Filming This
Keep The Camera Rolling”
That’s A Toxic Relationship
That’s What Our Friendship Turned Into
I Turn Everything Into Art


Written by: Kevin Abstract, Ryan Yoo & Thomas Lee Barrett

Good Time Song Info:

Song: Good Time
Album The Family
Lead Vocalist: Kevin Abstract
Lyrics: Kevin Abstract, Ryan Yoo & Thomas Lee Barrett
Music: boylife
Release Date: 17th November 2022

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