Kentrell Talk Lyrics by NBA YoungBoy is the Brand New English Song from the album, “Ma’ I Got A Family“. NBA YoungBoy has sung this Latest English Song, while Kentrell Talk Song Lyrics are also penned by YoungBoy Never Broke Again, with Music produced by NBA YoungBoy, and this Brand New Music video was released on the 21st of October 2022.

Kentrell Talk Lyrics – NBA YoungBoy

Man, Honestly
I Think, I Think,
I Think The Rap Game,
I Think The Rap Game Like

Just Slowly Like Fadin’ Away
Like This Sh!t Gon’ Be Over With
Like, It Ain’t Gon’ Be The,
The Hot Thing That It Is, Like

Really ’cause I Say, I Say Like The Fans,
Like, Like, They Expect This Artist To Be
They Expectin’ These People To Be Too Real
And, Like, At The End Of The Day,

Forgettin’ This Person Is A Human
Everyone Woman Got A Flaw, Every Man Got A Flaw
So, Basically, Once Somethin’ Go Down
Oh, And This Person Probably
Ain’t Hold Up How This N!gga,

How This N!gga Or How This Women
Expected Them To,
So Now They Feel Like He Phony
So, Boom, They Move On To The Next Rapper
And Then The Same Thing Go On

But, Like, Dawg, You Expectin’
These People To Be Too Real
Like, They Human, Like
The Fu*k Wrong With You?
And Then You’ll Let ’em,

Let ’em Pretend To You Like,
Like They This Or They That
I Don’t Know Like
Jason B*tch, I Rather Ride In A Honda,
You Know I Ain’t Lyin’

Written by: NBA YoungBoy

Kentrell Talk Song Info:

Song: Kentrell Talk
Album Ma’ I Got A Family
Singer: NBA YoungBoy
Lyrics: NBA YoungBoy
Music: NBA YoungBoy
Music Label: NBA YoungBoy
Featuring: NBA YoungBoy
Release Date: 21st October 2022

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Kentrell Talk Music Video