Super Gremlin Freestyle Lyrics – Latto

Super Gremlin Freestyle Lyrics by Latto is the Brand New English Song. Latto has sung this Latest English Song, while Latto has written the Super Gremlin Freestyle Song Lyrics and Music produced by Latto and Kodak Black.

Super Gremlin Freestyle Lyrics – Latto

Yeah! We Could Be Superstars
We Been Rather Wreckin’ Cars
What Is At Stake For Us?
Kickin’ Off Power Mirrors (Yeah! Latto)
Yeah! We Could Be Superstars (The Biggest)
But I’m Pretty Sure Our Time Is Up (Aye!)
And So We Fell Off The Spinning Tops (Aye!)
Don’t Know, Maybe For Trials (Aye!)
But Way More Error (Aye! Aye! Yeah!)

Never Too Famous To Hop On These Beats
And Remind Them, Big Latto, As Big As It Gets (Yeah!)
Still Tryna Hear From A Ni*ga I Love That Switched
But Fu*k It, I’m Burnin’ That Bridge (Fu*k It)
How Could You Leave Me? You Know I Needed You, Daddy
They Asking, What Happened? But They Can’t Imagine
I’m Lowkey Grateful, You Made Me A Savage (Phew)
The Biggest, The Baddest, I Ain’t Even Capping
I’m Built Like A Stallion, The Symbol Of Sag’s (Ah)
I Should Be DJ’ing

I’m Quick To Drop Me A Bi*ch In The Mix
Giving Beats And Scratches (Brrtt, Brrtt)
Got In My Pop Bag Just For The Hell Of It
Now I’m Top 40 But Why All Was Just Laughin’ (Yeah!)
Most Of These Bi*ches Be Dry Hating
Holding They Nuts On Me

‘Cause They Know I’m On They A$$es (Aye!)
Latto Got Next, Fu*k That, I Got Now (Aye!)
I Came Way Too Far To Throw In The Towel (Bi*ch)
I Let Bi*ches Think The Beef Died Down
’til I Catch Them Off Guard, Make My Rounds
I Got No Fear In My Heart, Fear No Person

No Place Or No Thing, Like A Mother-Fu*ker Noun (Yeah!)
I Told My Ni*ga, The Birkins And Cars Is Cool
But Loyalty Got No Ammount (On God)
Don’t Need Ghostwriters Or A Co-Signer (Nah)
Cold World So My Coat Designer (Brrr)
He Could Tell I Grew Up On Eve, On And Off The Di*k
I’m A Ruff Ryder (Uh)

Couple Bi*ches Showed Me-They Cards
So I Cut Them Off And I Declined Them (Aye!)
I Got Doors To Open And Rooms To Go
Had To Fall Back Like A Recliner (On God)
That Probably Went Over Their Heads (Their Heads)
I’m Probably Somewhere On A Jet (On A Jet)
They Probably Don’t Wanna Fu*k With Me
’cause They Know Big Latto A Threat (On God)

I’m Always On Point, Ain’t Talking Index (Finger)
Keith, I Make These Bi*ches Sweat (Singer)
Nah, You Don’t Gotta Ask Where I’m At
I’m Always On These Bi*ches Necks (On God)

Damn, Lil’ Bi*ch, You Tripping
We Could’ve Been Superstars
Remember Sharin’ Clothes And Cars
Now You Know It’s Up For You
You Switched Like A Hating A$$ Bi*ch
Damn, Lil’ Ni*ga, You Tripping
We ‘posed To Been Superstars
That Money Be The Root Of All
Now It Ain’t Safe For You
You Switched Like The Rest Of Them Do

Super Gremlin Freestyle Song Info:

Song: Super Gremlin Freestyle
Singer: Latto
Lyrics: Latto
Music: Latto & Kodak Black
Music Label: Latto
Featuring: Latto

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Some Questions Regarding This Song

Who wrote the lyrics of the “Super Gremlin Freestyle” song?
Latto has written the lyrics of “Super Gremlin Freestyle”.

Who is the singer of the “Super Gremlin Freestyle” song?
Latto has sung the song “Super Gremlin Freestyle”.

Who has been featured in the Super Gremlin Freestyle music video?
Latto has been featured in the Super Gremlin Freestyle music video.

Who gave the music in the Super Gremlin Freestyle song?
Latto and Kodak Black have given the music in the song “Super Gremlin Freestyle”.

What is the “Super Gremlin Freestyle” song release date?
Super Gremlin Freestyle Song was released on 27th December 2021.

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