Paranoid Lyrics – Palaye Royale (2021)

Paranoid Lyrics by Palaye Royale is the Latest English Song. Palaye Royale has sung this Latest English Song, while Emerson Barrett, Remington Leith and Sebastian Danzig have written the Paranoid Song Lyrics and Music produced by ​Chris Greatti and the video is directed by Harrison Sanborn.

Paranoid Lyrics – Palaye Royale

All The Things That I Once Feared
All The Whispers In My Ear
All The Friends I Thought I Knew
All The People I Outgrew

All The Nights I Wasted Tears
All The Disappearing Years
For A While Was In Denial
My Mother’s Least Favorite Child

All These F**king Voices In My Head
Tell Me I’m Not Good Enough For Them
They Just Leave Me Paranoid
Paranoid, Paranoid Again

All These F**king Voices In My Head
Got Me Feeling Insеcure Again
They Just Leavе Me Paranoid
Paranoid, Paranoid Again

Every Thought That’s In My Head
Every Stupid Word I Said
Every Corner In My House
Every Crease Around My Mouth

Every Night I Toss And Turn
Am I Ever Gonna Learn?
Everyone Should Quiet Down
I Just Wanna Tune You Out

I Can’t Escape My Thoughts
Are They Real Or Dreams?
Sirens In My Head
Paranoia Screams

I Don’t Feel Alone
Are They Watching Me?
Are You Watching Me?
I Don’t Know If I Can Survive
Unless I Can Shut Off My Mind

Is It Too Late?

Paranoid Song Info:

Song: Paranoid
Singer: Palaye Royale
Lyrics: Emerson Barrett, Remington Leith & Sebastian Danzig
Music: Chris Greatti
Director: Harrison Sanborn
Music Label: Sumerian Records
Featuring: Palaye Royale

Paranoid Music Video – Palaye Royale

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Some Questions Regarding This Song

Who wrote the lyrics of the “Paranoid” song?
Emerson Barrett, Remington Leith and Sebastian Danzig have written the lyrics of “Paranoid”.

Who is the singer of the “Paranoid” song?
Palaye Royale has sung the song “Paranoid”.

Who directed the “Paranoid” music video?
Harrison Sanborn directed the music video of “Paranoid”.

Who has been featured in the Paranoid music video?
Palaye Royale has been featured in the Paranoid music video.

Who gave the music in the Paranoid song?
Chris Greatti has given the music in the song “Paranoid”.

What is the “Paranoid” song release date?
Paranoid Song was released on 11th October 2021.

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